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Herb Walks

Herb Walks 

"Herbs for our Four-legged Friends"

Herb Walks are a great way to learn about the healing plants growing all around us when we are out walking. Have you ever wondered why your dog eats Couch Grass, or your horse snacks on Willow?  If you are an animal lover this Herb Walk is for you.  Come and find out about the incredible healing medicines lining your path and learn how to share those herbs with your animals.


Amanda Howe has been a Herbalist for over thirty years.  She lives on Vancouver Island in Canada where she has a Herb Garden and Herb School called Black Bear Herbs.

Local Walks

Amanda leads Herb Walks regularly throughout the Comox Valley and beyond. Herb Walks are a wonderful way of transforming your daily walk into a treasure hunt of medicinal herbs.  


You will learn about the powerful medicine hiding in the plants at your feet as you walk along  and you will discover that your daily walk is transformed into a miracle of

discovery and connection with ancient knowledge and stories that the plants carry with them.  Growing your knowledge and awareness of the plants will help you deepen your connection with the Spirit of the place you are walking through.


Herb walks progress slowly as we move from patch to patch of healing herbs.


Please see our Events section for the dates we have herb walks near you. Please call us if you would like to organise a herb walk for your friends or for a group.



Day Hikes

We offer Day Hikes in the surrounding mountains on Vancouver Island and more locally in the rainforest of the Comox Valley.  Our day hikes can be booked by private groups or you can look at our events page for dates that Hikes are running.



Please call us to book a hike for your group. 

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