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"I wanted to take Amanda's course because of curiosity about what I consider to be a "wise woman's" job and because I wanted to know if there would be information applicable to my family's emergency preparedness kit. I found the class informative and interesting but also practical.  I learned some things I can do with plants already growing wild in my yard, plants I can grow, and things I can buy.

The class had a fun atmosphere in a comfortable room by wide windows looking out at Amanda's amazing garden.  We discussed, questioned, felt, smelled and tasted - all the things my inner 8 year old loves to do. Amanda is so welcoming and knowledgable.  I would recommend her classes to anyone."

Kathy Duperron, Cumberland, BC

Herbal First Aid

In this popular workshop you will learn how to use herbal medicines in your everyday life.  You will learn how to use herbs in everyday first aid such as cuts, bruises, scrapes and minor burns.  And for common mild illness that everyone encounters such as colds, coughs, 'flus and headaches.  Learn how to create a Herbal First Aid kit from plants growing in your own garden or from herbs that can be easily obtained at the health food store.  


You will have the opportunity to sample, taste, smell and try out all the herbs we are learning about, many of which are growing in the Black Bear Herb Garden.



Next Dates TBA.  Please be in touch if you have dates you would like to book.

Location: Black Bear Herbs, 2748 Keswick Ave, Cumberland, BC, V0R 1S0.


Cost: $75 per person - Space limited

To pre-register please call or text Amanda Howe at 250 897 2049 or email

"The knowledge and genuine care that spills out of Amanda is contagious. Since completing the Herbal First Aid Kit course, I have been able to easily source and start using oft neglected herbs that have been in my 'back yard' this whole time. The result is a feeling of wellness that pharmaceuticals will never provide. Thank you Amanda, you are a treasure."


Heather M., Vancouver Island

I recently took the Herbal First Aid course and found it extremely interesting and informative.  I have already used some of the remedies to help me.  As I spend a lot of time in wilderness areas I will now be able to apply some of the information to use plants  I find in the wild.  I found Amanda very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  I will certainly be looking for more courses with Amanda.  

Joy, Vancouver Island

I really enjoyed the herbal first aid two day class and thought that you made it fun! 

The content was exactly what I was hoping for and I was thankful that we got familiar with some herbs in depth. They are valuable with more than one use.

With the actual herbs to display and taste it was a very enjoyable learning experience.

I think it is imperative to have the written handouts for students to follow and make notes on for take home.

I would definitely be interested in more 1 day/ 2-3 day courses that you offer.

D. Sykes, Vancouver Island

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