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Medicine Making Workshop

This hands-on Medicine Making Workshop teaches you how to make your own herbal remedies.  

Amanda Howe is a Medical Herbalist with over thirty years of experience and she teaches this very hands on practical workshop.   And you get to take home some of the remedies you make!  You will learn how to make syrups - from scratch using fresh grated roots straight from the herb garden. You will make oils and healing salves for all those cuts, scrapes and bruises that we seem to encounter in life - fantastic for gardeners and Mums of adventurous children!  Lip balms with soothing ingredients.  You'll also learn how to make poultices and fomentations which are healing and pain relieving for sprains and inflamed joints. You will learn what goes into making high quality infusions and decoctions.


This workshop is space limited so book your spot soon!


Workshop Dates to be announced for Summer 2024.  Please be in touch if you are interested.

Cost $85.00

Location: Black Bear Herbs, 2748 Keswick Ave, Cumberland, BC

To register for the workshop payment can be made by credit card by clicking on the box below.  Alternatively payment can be made by e-transfer by contacting for information.

Please read the registration form (click on PDF below) prior to registering for the workshop.

For more information please email or call.

So grateful for the invaluable sharing of knowledge! 
My third class sent me home with medicine my children love, a healing salve and best lipbalm I've ever used in my life
All made by us in class using ingredients filled with intention, presence of mind, love & compassion for all living plants & beings
Being empowered to create more medicines depending on the needs as they arrise is the biggest gift of all
Thankyou for everything I'll be back for more.

L.M. Comox Valley

"The class was so great.  I really appreciate that you have set up your home in order to do your courses there.  I cannot imagine a more ideal setting - beautiful space and access to your gardens!

The course content is great as well. I am stoked to use your methods to prepare items that will replace manufactured cosmetics and medicines in my home.  

I appreciate that we were able to follow the process of making the medicines (and participate) as I believe it is a better way to integrate the information.

Looking forward to experimenting with plants and enjoying the mind-body-spirit benefits of the medicine."

L. Shaben, Vancouver Island

"Thank you for hosting such a wonderful class. It was exactly what I had hoped for and it had been such a long time I'd been wanting to come and attend. I did enjoy myself very much. My ventures into the forest just got 100 x's more interesting and exciting. I have been more than eager to step into this world, and am very grateful for the doorway in provided by your workshop. I certainly hope to come for
another class in the future, and will most definitely recommend to others. Thanks too for this list of resources, I'm on my way!
I especially loved all the little side notes and tips and folklore stories related to some of the plants."

Aimee, Nanaimo BC.

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