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Plant Study Intensive

The Plant Study Intensive days are a beautiful opportunity for those with a keen interest in medicinal plants to deepen their knowledge, understanding and soul connection with the plants.  Each Intensive session will explore one particular medicinal plant.  


The plant exploration intensives are a richly rewarding way of deeply connecting with the plant we are studying.  A full day is spent with the living plant or tree as we use many different modalities which involve all our senses as we seek to enhance our understanding of the plant.


The day starts with deepening our observational skills both as individuals and as a group, as we study the living plant. The plant study is a unique approach to learning about medicinal plants that brings acute scientific observation together with the intuitive senses enlivened through the creative process.


The day will involve meditation, drawing painting, and creating medicine as we allow the plant to weave its magic through us.


For anyone who works closely with plants this is a transformational process where you will find deeper levels of understanding of the plant's medicine - even for plants you think you know well.

Our plant immersion days this year will include a study of 









Date: Spring and Summer 2024 - dates to be announced

Time: 10am to 4pm

Location: Black Bear Herbs, Cumberland, BC

Cost: $100.00

To register please email

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Mullein Close Up 3.jpg

Mullein Flower Verbascum thapsus.

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