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Amanda is a wonderful and very knowledgeable teacher. I have tremendously enjoyed her workshops and am looking forward to taking more. I did the herbal weekend workshop and felt like I learned a lot, but wanted so much more (as with any magic window opened). And while we couldn't cover everything, Amanda's knowledge certainly allowed for us to follow lines of questions and discussions easily. She reads her class and is able to follow their lead and meet her course objectives. 
I have taught at various levels and appreciate her ability to connect and direct her program to meet individual interests, seasonal foragings, and course objectives. I would happily be in this exact class again, but my schedule won't permit it due to mandatory professional training (boo!). I have totally confidence that I would have been content with the familiarity of the format, but blown away, again, with the breadth and potential depth of the content (isn't nature grand with a knowledgeable guide!!)

 "I wanted to take Amanda's course because of curiosity about what I consider to be a "wise woman's" job and because I wanted to know if there would be information applicable to my family's emergency preparedness kit. I found the class informative and interesting but also practical.  I learned some things I can do with plants already growing wild in my yard, plants I can grow, and things I can buy.

The class had a fun atmosphere in a comfortable room by wide windows looking out at Amanda's amazing garden.  We discussed, questioned, felt, smelled and tasted - all the things my inner 8 year old loves to do. Amanda is so welcoming and knowledgable.  I would recommend her classes to anyone."

Kathy Duperron, Cumberland, BC

The class was so great.  I really appreciate that you have set up your home in order to do your courses there.  I cannot imagine a more ideal setting - beautiful space and access to your gardens!

The course content is great as well. I am stoked to use your methods to prepare items that will replace manufactured cosmetics and medicines in my home.  

I appreciate that we were able to follow the process of making the medicines (and participate) as I believe it is a better way to integrate the information.

You are very open to answering questions in the moment that they come up and that is much appreciated.  Many teachers get distracted by the interruption of  questions, so thanks for that, it just adds to the learning experience for me.

Looking forward to experimenting with plants and enjoying the mind-body-spirit benefits of the medicine.

L. Shaben, Vancouver Island

Amanda is an incredibly knowledgeable herbalist and an excellent teacher. I have taken numerous classes with her, and left each one feeling inspired and well informed. Her teachings inspired me to pursue in-depth studies in herbal medicine and her approach as a teacher and healer continue to influence me. She draws on a strong biomedical knowledge in addition to a clear experiential wisdom of plant energetics and healing. As such she offers a great balance of science and spirit relating to both human health and botany. She is a compassion and wise person with integrity and a good sense of humour. Her understanding of herbalism and her approach to sharing her wisdom make for excellent classes!

Lindsay Hounslow, Victoria, BC

Amanda Howe’s classes/workshops on herbal medicine are very informative, interactive and fun. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so in a friendly, open teaching style.  It’s great being able to see the plants in their growing environment and have hands on experience with them as well.  My knowledge of herbs has expanded tremendously and she has inspired me to venture out on my own. I look forward to growing and harvesting herbs and making my own medicines.  Connie SH, Vancouver Island

The knowledge and genuine care that spills out of Amanda is contagious. Since completing the Herbal First Aid Kit course, I have been able to easily source and start using oft neglected herbs that have been in my 'back yard' this whole time. The result is a feeling of wellness that pharmaceuticals will never provide. Thank you Amanda, you are a treasure.


Heather M., Vancouver Island

I recently took the Herbal First Aid course and found it extremely interesting and informative.  I have already used some of the remedies to help me.  As I spend a lot of time in wilderness areas I will now be able to apply some of the information to use plants  I find in the wild.  I found Amanda very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  I will certainly be looking for more courses with Amanda.  

Joy, Vancouver Island

I really enjoyed the herbal first aid two day class and thought that you made it fun! 

The content was exactly what I was hoping for and I was thankful that we got familiar with some herbs in depth. They are valuable with more than one use.

With the actual herbs to display and taste it was a very enjoyable learning experience.

I think it is imperative to have the written handouts for students to follow and make notes on for take home.

I would definitely be interested in more 1 day/ 2-3 day courses that you offer.

D. Sykes, Vancouver Island

I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking medical advice. Her depth of knowledge of herbal healing is outstanding and her generous and compassionate spirit make her knowledge accessible to all. Amanda has healed my family members on numerous occasions, often when the medical system has failed to successfully diagnose or treat a condition. I look forward to taking her courses and continuing to learn from her.

Vickey Brown, Cumberland, BC

"Longtime, valued herbalist in the Comox Valley, Amanda Howe has a deep knowledge of plants and a profound and sophisticated understanding of how plants heal people."

Angela Smailes, Vancouver, BC.

"I started on my healing journey with herbs 22 years ago when pregnant, and Amanda suggested many helpful herbs to guide me through.  Many, many times over these years I have turned to Amanda and to herbs for help – especially the light bringer St Johns Wort, to lift me out of depression so brilliantly.  My children, animal children and I have been soothed and healed with all manner of wonderful herbs, and I have really loved the journey of getting to know what each one does, how to prepare it and watching it’s miraculous effects on the body.  I love being aware of plants, herbs and their healing properties when I am out and about in nature, and will never forget how you jumped to the rescue with plantain bandages packed with all the incredible healing, pain killing herbs that the hedgerows could offer, when I had such a bad fall recently.  Pure alchemy and magic and just lying there at the edge of the path for everyone to use! Thank you herbs, and thank you Amanda for all you have taught me, and for sharing such powerful healing and wonderful knowledge. "


“Amanda is an amazing herbalist - passionate about what she does and able to communicate so well to others.  She has "looked after" our family for 10 years now - even now, when we live the other side of the world.  She is always on the other end of the phone or online asking the right questions, looking at the whole picture and offering great suggestions and wonderful remedies to keep us all in good health.  She was particularly brilliant when I was pregnant with my second child, advising on herbs for all stages of the pregnancy, labour and beyond and also at helping with my daughter’s excema.  Her holistic approach alongside a razor-sharp knowledge makes one feel totally reassured by her approach.”

Kate Dimbleby, UK

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