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Amanda Howe MSc. RHP.


The Herbal Apprentice Program

Spring 2020


This Spring I am offering my Herbal Apprenticeship program - and as you can imagine things will be somewhat different this year due to the upheaval in our world. I have spent the last month exploring the best way to teach and share the passion I have for plants, and I have come up with a program I’m excited about. The new “Hybrid” Herbal Apprentice will be starting this May. It will be a combination of a beautiful and in depth online course that I have been a part of working on for the last year, plus small group Zoom classes with me. We will be taking virtual herb walks where you will be right with me (via Zoom:) and able to ask questions, we will be learning about wild plants, taking time in the herb garden learning about the medicinals growing there, learning herbal therapeutics, remedy making, and there will be lots of opportunity for you to ask all your questions. If you are interested in delving into the world of healing plants please feel free to call or email me for more information. 

This online program is a training with a number of respected Herbalists teaching the various modules of the program.  It is a beautiful program, rich in sensory details and has in depth video instructional classes that include studying herbs in the garden, herb walks, making remedies in the kitchen, learning therapeutics and learning how to grow herbs.

We will then enhance the learning from that course with regular "in person" classes using zoom. In these virtual get togethers I will deliver an apprenticeship lesson and be available to all of you for extensive question and answer sessions. In addition to the online program and our zoom lessons and Q&A's, our small group classes will  do herb walks  take you into the garden and into the woods to look at and discuss actual plants. There will also be projects that we work on together.

Need To Know

46 hours of stunning step-by-step video lessons
490-page detailed and beautiful guidebook to follow along with every lesson

25 hours of virtual zoom lessons with Amanda Howe

The online course is also taught by 5 other well respected Herbalist as well as Amanda.


The online course can be completed at your own pace.

The virtual Zoom classes are two Fridays per month.  Each lesson will be two hours long.  The lessons start in May and will run through till October. This gives you the opportunity to experience the plants throughout the growing and harvesting seasons.  Exact dates will be posted very soon.

Cost: 1500.00 

Including online course, videos,  and guidebook.

Amanda Howe has been a Herbalist for over thirty years.  She lives in the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island with her husband Jan who is a Mountain Guide, and their son Vijay.

Amanda is passionate about plants and has created a lush herb garden with an adjoining teaching

space at their home.

Their home and garden borders the Cumberland Community Forest - several hundred acres of 

protected temperate rainforest that is home to deer, beaver, wolves, salmon bearing streams, numerous birds,

 frogs and other beasts, thriving medicinal plants, and of course the black bears after which the Herb Garden is named.

Amanda loves to teach and is happiest when she is in the garden teaching people how to grow, harvest, use and listen to the magic of the plants that are thriving there.


Amanda trained in England in the early '80's and became a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the UK. She subsequently went on to receive her MSc(Distinction) in Herbal Medicine from the University of Wales.  Amanda worked in England in a multidisciplinary clinic before moving to Vancouver Island twenty five years ago.


Since moving to Canada Amanda has been active in practice as a Herbalist and as a herbal educator.  She has served on the board of the provincial Canadian Herbalists Association of BC as well as the national Herbal Practitioners Council - the Canadian Council of Herbalists Associations (CCHA), working to ensure continued access to herbal medicines for Herbalists and the general public.  And she also sat on Health Canada's Natural Health Products Expert Advisory Committee.  

Amanda spent several years teaching at Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC. as a teacher in their full time Herbal Practitioner training program, and was involved in funded research projects with the Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology at Royal Roads University.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of herbal medicine and use in their own personal and family life.  Amanda graciously invites you into her home and beautiful garden and imparts her incredible wisdom with ease.  Learn how to grow and harvest the plants and use them respectfully and ethically.  Learn about medicine making and

dosages and how the different systems of the

body are affected in detail. Meet a wonderful

group of like minded people to connect with and

share stories, seeds and plants. It has been

fascinating, relaxing and a true gift."

Lesley Jones,

Herbal Apprentice Participant

"This is the most wonderful and amazing place to study herbal medicine. I have learned so much from Amanda Howe and my fellow apprentices over the last year. I would highly recommend any of Black Bear Herbs courses."

Trish Moroto, Herbal Apprentice Participant 2018

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