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Before Your Initial Appointment


Your appointment will be 45 minutes long.  Please make sure that you have all the following with you in the Zoom session. 

Test results that you have from your GP or Specialist.


Medicines and supplements that you are taking.


Diet Diary


Please keep a diary of everything you eat and drink and the time at which you eat between now and your appointment.  This will help to pin point whether there are any foods in particular that are exacerbating any health issues. 


Medicines and Supplements


In the diet diary please also note down any medicines or supplements that you are taking, the time that you take them and the dosage.




Please note down any alcohol you drink, they type of alcohol and how much you drink each time.




Please note in the diary everytime you exercise, the type of exercise you take and how long you are exercising for. 




Please note how much sleep you had each night.  Also note what time you wake in the morning.   If you wake in the night for extended periods please note in the morning what time of night you awoke.


Energy level


Please note what your energy level was like each day.  If your energy varies a lot during the day keep a note of when the changes in energy level happen.


Make a note of the things that you find will fill you with energy.  And also note the things that will leave you feeling drained or tired.


What format should all these notes/diary be in?

These notes can either be kept in a book or on pieces of paper, but please can you make sure that they are kept together and clearly dated.


Please note that if you should need to change this appointment please give me at least 24 hours notice.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full consultation fee.



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