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The Home Herbalist Certificate

The Home Herbalist Certificate is for anyone who is interested in pursuing their herbal knowledge and learning more deeply.  As you attend more workshops you will find a community of like-minded folks, who share your enjoyment of these fun workshops.   


It is awarded to workshop participants who have completed twelve Black Bear Herbs Workshops.  The following workshops qualify towards the Home Herbalist Certificate:

Click on the link for each Workshop for a detailed description of the workshop, dates, times and registration info.



The following workshops will be offered next Fall and Winter 2016: (Info on these workshops coming soon). Please click here if you'd like info on these new workshops to be emailed to you.

  • Winter Tonics.  Herbs to Boost the Immune System,       and herbs for coughs, colds and flus and how to stay   healthier through the winter.

  • A Herbal Approach to dealing with Stress.

  • A Herbal Approach to increasing Joy and Alleviating the Winter Blues.

  • Herbs for Kids

  • Herbal Harvest: How and when to harvest, dry and         store medicinal plants - both wild and cultivated.

  • A Herbal Approach to healing Digestive Issues

  • A Herbal Approach to Food Sensitivities

  • Herbs for Dogs

  • Wild Plants and their Medicines - this is a sildeshow,     talk and medicine tasting.


The Workshops do not have to taken in any particular order.  

It is suggested that you take the Intro to Herbs before you take any of the other workshops if you are new to Herbs.  The Intro to Herbs is a two hour introductory session and costs $20.00.


The workshop fee is $75.00 per workshop, with the exception of the Intro to Herbs and Medicine Making*.


If you would like to pay for all twelve Workshops in advance the workshop fee is $70.00 per workshop.   The workshops must be completed within two years for this offer.


* There is a $10 extra fee for the Medicine Making Workshop due to smaller class size because of space constraints, and a supplies fee.


The Home Herbalists Certificate is replacing the Home Herbalist Program. The new format allows you to choose the workshops that most appeal to you and to do them at your own pace.


Please note: These workshops are interest courses only are not professional training courses.

Amanda Howe’s classes/workshops on herbal medicine are very informative, interactive and fun. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so in a friendly, open teaching style.  It’s great being able to see the plants in their growing environment and have hands on experience with them as well.  My knowledge of herbs has expanded tremendously and she has inspired me to venture out on my own. I look forward to growing and harvesting herbs and making my own medicines.  Connie SH, Vancouver Island

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