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Wilderness Medicinals

Weekend Intensive 

The rainforest, seashores and alpine meadows of the Pacific Northwest are rich in wild medicinal plants   Wild medicinals offer us powerful healing, and in learning about them our connection and appreciation of the natural world around us is deepened on both a physical and Spiritual level.  Away from the hustle and bustle of our lives we gain a deeper understanding of the wild medicinal plants and our relationship with them.  This is a wonderful way to deepen our appreciation of the wild medicinal plants and gather wisdom about the power they have to heal and support us.

In this weekend you will learn how to identify, attune to, sustainably and ethically harvest and call upon wild medicinal plants for healing.  
Come and learn about wild medicines from the perspective of a practicing Herbalist who has spent time in the wilderness both in the Pacific Northwest and in the Himalayas and has been fortunate enough to experience the extraordinary relief and healing of wild medicinal plants.

The intensive is taught by Herbalist Amanda Howe who brings 30 years of experience as a Herbalist and teacher.  

Amanda has an MSc in Herbal Medicine, a passion for the magic and healing of medicinal plants, and a love for growing and gardening:)  


The workshop takes place at Black Bear Herb School and Herb Garden in the historic and legendary Village of Cumberland situated on the edge of the rainforest on Vancouver Island.


Cost: $295.00 per person

(does not include accommodation or food)

For more information call or text Amanda at 250 897 2049 

or email:

Accommodation and Food is available in the Village of Cumberland and in the surrounding area.

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